[Foundation-l] Censorship: Speedy deletion of porn articles

Jeff V. Merkey jmerkey at wolfmountaingroup.com
Fri Mar 9 22:28:06 UTC 2007

Mark Williamson wrote:

>No - if someone does not label themselves, we do not label them. If we
>do, that is against policy and should be righted.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Node ue

Need I say more?

>Your usage of capital letters and inflammatory language is one of the
>lesser reasons why you (and all of your sockpuppets) are permanently
>banned from the English Wikipedia, the greaters reasons are your
>unwillingness to cooperate with the Wiki process and your extensive
>use of sockpuppets for malicious purposes. I am still not sure why you
>are listened to at all here or why you were trusted with admin privs
>at any foundation-run Wiki. And don't claim I am telling a non-truth
>here, the first person who claimed such things about you on
>mailinglists was Angela Beesley (on wikipedia-l), not me. I think most
>people afford her more credibility than they do you.
I think this speaks for itself:


I am not banned from the English Wikipedia.   I am not going to post the 
email threads with Mr. Wales
on this list to enlighten you on this topic, but you are flatly wrong 
I stay off that site to keep problems with trolls to a minimum and the 
problems they cause there related to
the article about me on that site.  

>>In essence, what I am saying here is that the OPENNESS and NPOV
>>they are erstwhile concepts and important, but they are very much
>>European attitudes, and not all cultures embrace them the same way.
>What you forgot to mention is that you are the only active eitopr on
>that Wiki, and that you singlehandedly wrote that policy. We have yet
>to hear whether or not any other Cherokee speakers support it (I am
>not sure I even believe you are one yourself, considering you use a
>machine translation engine to write articles and your history of
>dishonesty at other projects).

I have spoken Cherokee since I was a child.  My great grandparents and 
my grandmother are native speakers
and it was the first language I learned.  Machine assisted translation 
is very helpful for converting words into Syllabary
instead of doing it by hand, which takes a lot longer.    Spoken and 
written Cherokee are very different, BTW.

This is a personal attack and trolling does not belong on this list.  
Mark, I feel bad that you engage in
sockpuppetry on other wikis and have to post something like this (Node 
ue).  I won't be responding to
any more of your posts, BTW. 


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