[Foundation-l] Censorship: Speedy deletion of porn articles

Yonatan Horan yonatanh at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 20:32:53 UTC 2007


It has recently (about two months ago) come to my attention that articles on
the Hebrew Wikipedia are speedy deleted. I translated the Jenna Jameson
article from the English Wikipedia and it was very quickly speedy deleted
and I was indefinitely blocked due to being a sockpuppet of some guy (of
course no checkuser request was done). By the way, I don't particularly like
porn articles or anything of the sort; in fact, I don't believe I've ever
edited a porn article on the enwp which I'm very active on. After a few days
(during which I complained on Danny's enwp talk page and thus got the
attention of a Hebrew Wikipedia admin and later spoke on the phone with
another admin from hewp) I was unblocked. I'm guessing there have probably
been other people who just gave up after they were banned and didn't return.

The situation is basically that if a user who isn't well-known on the hewp
(someone outside of a group of about 100 users) creates such an article he
will probably be perm-banned and if anyone else does so, the article will
probably just be speedy deleted. No rule has been passed on the Hebrew
Wikipedia regarding this and even if it had been passed, it would be in
violation of WMF (?) guidelines as Wikipedia is not censored. Some claim
that a rule has been passed but many admins disagree with this. The "vote"
was passed about two years ago and had 10-20 participants. In addition to
this, the vote came at a time when the Hebrew Wikipedia was repeatedly
vandalized by a certain user and many of the voters supposedly for the
banning of porn articles referred only to this specific case (this is
supported by their comments on the page).

By the way, just so nobody corrects me, on the Hebrew Wikipedia *there are
votes* since consensus is hardly ever reached and the total needed to pass a
vote is a ridiculous 55%. Anyway, despite all the above, a few admins have
said that they will speedy delete any porn articles created on the Hebrew
Wikipedia. Currently there are a few porn articles which are about the movie
Deep Throat and two other articles that I don't recall at the moment. This
is a foundation issue because the situation right now is effectively
censorship of articles that some people feel do not have a place on the
wikipedia. I know I will probably have those who disagree with me be
notified of this discussion at some point at which point the slandering will
begin and I will be called a "snitch" and possibly other more colorful terms
so I ask ahead of time for this discussion to remain civil. Although I hate
to burden Danny, who probably has a lot of more important things to do, he
is the only one who speaks both Hebrew and English and could take care of
this issue since he is obviously a person trusted by most. Anyway I think
I've written more than enough on an issue that should be pretty
straightforward, that is, that wikipedia is not censored.


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