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Thu Mar 1 20:56:14 UTC 2007


You will think that this is a joke, but it is real. Last year, during the
the time at eswiki we were discussing the "only free material policy" the
small pro-fair-use group (mostly composed of unaware newbies and well-known
trolls) claimed that eswiki wikimedians "were losing their dignity" with
this policy because enwiki wikimedians were able to upload fair use and they
did not. Yes, sounds crazy, but it happened!  :)

In my previous e-mail I just wanted to note that at eswiki we have always
had users asking why enwiki allows fair use and eswiki don't, even before
closing uploads. While here most of us clearly see the advantages of being
"totally free", people that is not in the free-culture movement and compares
enwiki and eswiki tends to believe that it is a disadvantage.


2007/3/1, Ray Saintonge <saintonge en telus.net>:
> Barcex wrote:
> >Besides this proposal is not viable because having a "fair use"
> repository
> >does not seem to be "fair use" I have to note that the Spanish-language
> >Wikipedia been enforcing the "only free material" policy for at least two
> >years, and closed its local upload recently (about 7 months ago). So the
> >eswiki users asked "why en can use fair use pictures of, say, music
> albums
> >while they can't" before closing local upload.
> >
> Disabling local upload was entirely their choice, and they could reverse
> that policy whenever they want.  Why should they complain about en:wp
> allowing fair use when they are responsible for their own problem.  I
> can understand why Commons does not want fair use images there.  They
> don't provide any context for their pictures.
> Ec
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