[Foundation-l] Board election endorsements

Florence Devouard Anthere9 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 18 23:54:27 UTC 2007

hmmmm ?
Well, this is not disastrous. Surely, this can be flexible. Either get 
24-48 hours more, or put the endorsement on the talk page until they are 
confirmed, or endorsement could be open but candidate labelled non 

I'll tell you... I think that whatever the little mistakes, the current 
situation looks good; Is that due to the endorsement ? I dunno, but this 
year, we only have "serious" (real) candidates. I also think there is a 
very active questionning of the candidates, and this is fabulous. A 
unique opportunity to see where the current board is not very good :-)

All in all, I find the situation rather positive. Do not worry about 
bureaucracy. I do not think any candidate will be left aside because of 
a short deadline for endorsement.


Robert Leverington wrote:
> The fact that candidates cannot be endorsed until they have been
> confirmed is entirely wrong. As it is there is already little time for
> endorsements (especially for the later candidates) as endorsement is
> closed AT THE SAME TIME AS candidate presentations close and the
> confirmation is just making less and less time. It is also unfair that
> simply because a member of staff is not in the office candidates are
> unable to receive endorsements even though they have submitted there
> identity confirmation (although I do not resent Cary taking a day of
> vacation which he is entitled to).
> This years elections have been full of unnecessary bureaucracy.
> Especially in the attitude of the election committee. Therefore I
> propose that next year (or this year in fact as the current elections
> are a complete shambles) that there is a clear time line to make it
> fair for all candidates. I outline it here:
> * Candidate presentations and chance to ask questions
> * Endorsements and chance to ask questions
> * Vote
> None of these should overlap and if possible there should be a gap
> between them as an amnesty.
> Thank you for taking time to read this letter.

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