[Foundation-l] Board election endorsements

Thomas Dalton thomas.dalton at gmail.com
Mon Jun 18 23:22:12 UTC 2007

> * Candidate presentations and chance to ask questions
> * Endorsements and chance to ask questions
> * Vote

I would prefer to swap the first two. Candidates should get the
endorsements themselves before submitting their candidacy - I believe
that's the way it works in the real world where there are similar
systems. That way, the people endorsing are going to actually know the
candidate and will be able to make a meaningful statement of support
rather than endorsements just being a first stage of voting which it
is now. I would also suggest only allowing people to endorse one
candidate (although the fact that there are 3 seats means it does make
a certain amount of sense to allow 3 endorsements, so it's not a major

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