[Foundation-l] Mailing list maintenance

Cormac Lawler cormaggio at gmail.com
Fri Jun 8 11:57:08 UTC 2007

(This mail is only relevant to people who maintain a WMF mailman list)


due to increasing spam rates to the mailing lists, is there a way of
cutting down on the spam we receive and/or the work needed in dealing
with it? Currently, there is a checkbox saying to "discard all
messages marked defer" (which is the default) - but I don't think this
actually prevents further postings from the same spammer (correct me
I'm wrong). Marking every message for the 'discard/block combo' takes
increasing amounts of time. What I'm wondering is if it's possible to,
say, "mark all messages as spam", which would do that job for us? Or
can one increase the threshold for potential spam (and is that what
David Gerard did recently on the wikiEN-l list)? Also, I invariably
get the same spam messages sent to my own inbox - is this preventable?



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