[Foundation-l] Mailing list maintenance

Walter Vermeir walter at wikipedia.be
Fri Jun 8 13:04:02 UTC 2007

Cormac Lawler <cormaggio op ...> writes:

> (This mail is only relevant to people who maintain a WMF mailman list)
> Hi,
> due to increasing spam rates to the mailing lists, is there a way of
> cutting down on the spam we receive and/or the work needed in dealing
> with it? Currently, there is a checkbox saying to "discard all

What I do since recently with lists under my control is to use the 
option "Discard held messages older than this number of days."

and use 4 days or so, depending on the amount of spam.

The you get the emails about the messages hold for moderation, you take a quick 
look to the lists in that email, confirm that the are all spam as usual and 
ignore it. 

The expire and that is it. No need to go to the admin page of the list and 
clean it out.


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