[Foundation-l] Wikimania 2008

Ilario Valdelli valdelli at gmail.com
Thu Jun 7 11:07:56 UTC 2007

IMHO important points are missed:

1.Any member of the jury must NOT be involved in any way with the 
bidding town.

If I am Chinese or I have Chinese origin (for example) I cannot be part 
of the jury if a Chinese town is candidate.

2.The name of any member of the jury must be secret until the final choice

Finally IMHO the communities must have an important part with a poll 
(for example with a number of votes in the final choice).

And finally finally IMHO if we have two or three good candidature, we 
have sponsors, we have resources is stupid to say that Wikimania is one, 
is unique, is not repeteable in the same year.


Delphine Ménard wrote:
> I agree with Guillaume, it's more than time to be thinking about the
> next edition of Wikimania.
> I have put together a set of guidelines around the bidding process
> that I have been thinking about for  quite a time.
> http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimania_2008/Guidelines
> Please comment, edit etc.
> Thank you,
> Delphine

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