[Foundation-l] Following the conventions: seperating Wikisource

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Wed Jun 6 08:26:49 UTC 2007

GerardM wrote:

>When Wikisource is having content in languages that did not pass the process
>for recognition for a new language for MediaWiki and for a Wikimedia
>Foundation project, and when this content is restricted to
>http://wikisource.org, there seems to be at first glance not much that the
>language committee has to deal with. The problem however is that a code that
>is used for such a language has to exist. There is also a need that the meta
>data uses the right code. This allows for the information to be recognised
>for the language that it is.
Having the right code for an otherwise accepted language is a problem on 
a completely different level from having a project in the language.

>Also when a request is made for a language in Wikisource, it is can not be
>separated from the status that a language has in the wider Wikimedia world.
>An example are the two Belarusian languages that do not find it possible to
>collaborate. The only reason why there are two wikipedias is because the
>be-x-old data existed before the new policies came into effect. This would
>not have been accepted as a separate project on its own merits.
Perhaps Wikisource would find a way to accomodate both language forms in 
the same project.  The original Belorussian texts were written as they 
were written.  Texts in the new form are not likely to go into the 
public domain very soon.


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