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Sun Jan 7 16:43:09 UTC 2007

I know some of the answers to this, but a BC analysis asks:

Where is the data duplicated?  Where are the servers duplicated?  What
will the impact be to users of a cutover to the disaster recovery
site(s), in terms of performance and lag and downtime?  Are
administrative and technical staff in the affected zone, and if so,
how do you get them to the DR site, and who handles their houses and
families and so forth?  What are the risks of building flood, wind
damage, and complete collapse?  How long could power be out?  Are
there generator refueling plans?  Do the refuelers have disaster
access permits from the local government?

I could keep going.  There are lots of issues.

I am not aware of there being anywhere that is completely safe from
significant natural disasters.  Some places are more prone than
others, and the ones you get in some areas are more regionally
catastrophic (big earthquakes, big hurricanes, 15 feet of snow across
a whole state, etc) than others (tornados, etc).

-george william herbert
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