[Foundation-l] Sigh, problems with non-Latin usernames again

Anders Wegge Jakobsen wegge at wegge.dk
Tue Jan 30 00:32:52 UTC 2007

Matt R <matt_crypto at yahoo.co.uk> writes:

> --- Anders Wegge Jakobsen <wegge at wegge.dk> wrote:

>>  Learn to discern between squiggles then. If you claim that the
>> average editor is able to remeber User:JoeBloggs from way back, then
>> any claim of not beeing able to discern between squiggles revolve
>> around being unable (or unwilling) to install the proper font needed
>> to make sense out of User:Æøå. 
> Non-Latin usernames make distinguishing and recognising users *much*
> harder.

 Tough for you then. Grow up and learn coping with the globalized
> How many different fonts do I have to install to cover all possible
> squiggles?  On all OSes on all my computers? Can I install these
> fonts on my old Unix terminal? (Yes, I do use it for Wikipedia...)
> Can I install fonts on the computers at my local library and
> Internet cafe? (Answer: No.) Do you expect people less familiar with
> technology to know how to do this, or even that there exists some
> way to resolve those question marks? Which will someone remember
> longer: "User:JoeBloggs" or "User:some_weird_glyph"?

 Personally I remeber the entire IP-range of the danish educational
network. So ... 

> The inconvenience to en: Wikipedians is quite out of proportion to
> the convenience of not having to spend the thirty seconds creating a
> Latin-1 username.

 Sure ... Then go ahead and transliterate your name into
chinese. After all, it's just 30 seconds og effort on your part :-)

> I'm not going to spend any more of my dwindling Wikipedia time on
> this, fun as it is being put in the same moral category as racists
> and misogynists and sneered at for lacking a universal knowledge of
> the world's writing systems.

 I'm putting you in [[Category:Idiot]] you have failed to demonstrate
the intelligence needed to be called bigot, much less racist. Tough


>>  You are free to call that argument a strawman, as long as you
>> accept that your basic premise (that latin-1 is the bee's knees)
>> are a strawman as well.
> Actually, I'm just free to call a strawman a strawman. Watch
> carefully and I'll do it again!

 Sure. I've already seen that it's the only thing you can.

> How to win an argument:
> 1. Make an obvious strawman argument.
> 2. Wait for someone to call you on it.
> 3. Agree to concede that it's a strawman only if the person you're arguing with
> concedes your main point.
> 4. ????
> 5. Profit!

 6. A fork of non-en wikipedias, ignoring the WMF. 

 All thanks to you.

// Wegge
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