[Foundation-l] Promotion of Indian languages

geni geniice at gmail.com
Thu Jan 25 20:39:45 UTC 2007

On 1/25/07, David Gerard <dgerard at gmail.com> wrote:
> I think applying it places outside the Balkans is fine. They would be
> an example of an edge case making a bad rule, and I would invoke "no,
> don't be dicks."

India has issues with hindu nationalism. While I don't think this has
spilt over into language politics yet it is not a risk I would like to

> I'd think quite a lot of people here would ...

People had problems with decimalisation back in the day. In any case
it doesn't matter. While goverments may be able to slow the things
stopping them in a free societly will be near imposible.

Viva la weekend


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