[Foundation-l] License policy (was: Rotterdam...)

effe iets anders effeietsanders at gmail.com
Sat Jan 20 15:17:26 UTC 2007

geni wrote:
> > Courts like
> > to reject cases that are based on hypothetical facts.
> I think people sueing us our our uploaders will not be talking about
> hypothetical cases.
> </snip>

Whether it is hypothetical or not is not an issue right now. We are talking
about policies here. Policies are always about both hypothetical *and*
practical situations. Imho Wikimedia *should* think about what to when a
picture would be uploaded. I think we should draw a border somewhere.

I however repeat my request to not discuss what we want on this list. If we
want to discuss what we want, please do that on meta. I give you the
arguments for that in an earlier email.

I also repeat my request to the Board of the WMF to give a position on this
very issue, and at least tell us on short term (a week would be great)
whether they will give out policy on this *at all*. (that does not mean that
they would have to make policy at that very moment, I understand that that
will take time). I would like to know from at least the elected boardmembers
whether it is their intention to bring this into discussion, especially now
it is so clear that this issue lives within the communities, and whether
they will come up with a motion in the board. I hope that erik, florence,
kat or oscar could give us an insight in the pathway we will be going, and
what we can expect from the board on this.
I would really like to know whether we can expect from the board:
*no reaction, none of their business
*An advice to the communities, to tell them what they think is free
*A policy for every wikimedia project except en.wikipedia / en.wikinews
*A policy for all wikimedia projects stating which licenses are allowed for
media used within the projects.
*or just something in between :)

I look forward to your reply.


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