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Datum: Thu, 18 Jan 2007 13:13:36 +0100
Von: Dirk Riehle <dirk at riehle.org>

> Hi Anthere,
> Next to smart search algorithms, 
> the other critical component you need in search is raw computing power 
> like Google's data centers. Non-profits will never match Google here, so 
> the solution has to be a peer-to-peer community approach.

yes, this is the way to go, thanks Dirk. But is it a way to go for wikifoundation?

> Now, I think you are right when you say WMF doesn't have anything to do 
> with the search wars---in principle. So people with a political 
> conviction that search is a public utility should go to some other 
> place. However, what I'm trying to say is that they will be back because 
> Wikipedia will play a critical role in any attempt of making search a 
> public utility.

Very hintful spoken, good, *IF* one social movement to openness and participation is done in these ages, then this is editing wikis, especially the wikipedia.

So saying that open search engine code and open url database is not releated to the age we live in is the same lie to say, that wikifoundation has nothing to do with wikipedia.

So.. searching and providing information is the core competency of wikipedia and the foundations mission... and this is in the next step the webcontent outside wikipedia.

wikipedia is a good startpoint to learn and explore, and this is not bounded to the world outside, sic the webinks: so we need a search engine.

The open and participation movement has to go on, for the rest of the web and correlated to the community of wikipedia, this is why the foundation is in the boat to develop or support a p2p search engine.

Is it too much asked, to not code this app? to not promote this app? Just to add the wikiedia content to the index yacy machine? This job can do 50 servers, we do not need human resources, so this is why I asked for 10.000 dollars for the hardware.

Sometimes I think the money is spent wrong because of a satisfied organization with a lack of innovation and inspiration. All are satisfied with the wikipedia, which is a stable system and the money is done to any bureau copy machine, than to invest into the hardware for new adresesm, users get information from. Don´t missunderstand me. I tried to start a subproject to found here as well, but it is not granted, so we need just the hardware. 50 servers for 199 Euro, which is 150 US Dollars per each.

The foundation needs to realize it´s own core competencies: providing information and now it is time to get rid of the boarder of wiki-urls and rest of the world urls. We need an indexing p2p machine.

The claim itself came from Jimmy Wales, himself Founder of the open participatin idea, and generated a big hypoe in the world.

But now, as wikiseek is out and discussions have been done, we see, that a advertising for profit peroject is the wrong way. It should have been in the right place here discussed from the foundation.

I wounder, why this is not done and how we can get into it.
Wikiasari idea is even mroe related to wikifoundation than to wikiasari.
This shows wikiseek, which expells back to wikipedia.

And this is the reason I am trying to vote here for 10.000 Dollars for 50 yacy desktop computers to index every wikipedia to this p2p network as an alternativ eopen source search eninge.

So who can decide over the dollars to buy this hardware?

Well, it need not to be 50 in the fist moth, let´s say 10 for the english wikipedia and we create as well a demo-search portal with a big local index of wikipedia like www.yacysearch.com

Furthermore, why can´t any foudation list member answer the question, which software for the wikipediasearch box are used right now as a centrals earch engine? is financial and technical staff so devided? 

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