[Foundation-l] wikiseek is out

Andre Engels andreengels at gmail.com
Tue Jan 16 23:35:46 UTC 2007

Well, I found one interesting use of wikiseek: Searching for spamlinks on
Wikipedia. Check out

http://www.wikiseek.com/results.php?q=sex - of the 9 links on the first page
at the time I did my search (the one on Wikipedia itself not counted), 7
seem to be outright spam (I'm now going through them, so they might have
disappeared by the time you get to the page).

One thing I find a pity is that wikiseek seems to only search the English
Wikipedia. It would be nicer to be able to search any languages, perhaps
with 'all languages' as a default.

Andre Engels, andreengels at gmail.com
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