[Foundation-l] Board meeting in Rotterdam later this week

David Strauss david at fourkitchens.com
Mon Jan 15 09:08:21 UTC 2007

teun spaans wrote:
> I do recognise that there is a difference between the italian
> wikipedia and the what italian citizens are allowed to post to it.
> You as a US citizen, working from the US, may write in italian on the
> itialian wiki.
> All I say is that there migh well be a difference for Italians working
> on the italian wiki, doing so from italian territory. We may say on
> every page that we are only bound by florida law because the
> foundation is registered in florida and the servers are hosted there.
> But an italian judge may very well decide to disagree, especially if
> the claiment is also italian, and the readers are likely to be in
> italy as well. He may decide to take up a case, and the italian
> volunteer might be sued despite all our florida claims.

Again, I'm not saying that we should ignore everything that doesn't
apply in Florida.

> Your edits on the german wiki are probably safe, as you are a us
> citizen working from the us. Still, german justice might decide to
> pick you up if you should ever decide to visiti germany (not likely,
> though)

While I might be more likely to escape enforcement, I don't think I'm
any more protected from German law on the English Wikipedia than the
German one.

> You do well to separate languages from nationalities. German is also
> spoken in Switzerland, Austria, and parts of France and Belgium.
> But you cannot say: Because wel claim Florida law apllies to all wiki
> projects, Florida law is all an italian wikipedian has to reccon with.

And I'm not claiming that Florida law is all that applies. Though I
think you're misinterpreting my arguments, I believe we agree.

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