[Foundation-l] Board meeting in Rotterdam later this week

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Mon Jan 15 01:23:12 UTC 2007

senpai wrote:

>May be they cant' be so much thing in other country... but they can be in 
>italy. I don't know if u know well or not the basics rules of procedural 
>penal "civil law" system. In genral... if an italian people upload some 
>images (like the one that u have take for the example) on commons, and that 
>images must have an authorization, is not important if the commons servers 
>are in florida or in italy or in another country, the italian people is 
>under the italian penal law. Idem if an american people upload that images 
>on commons and an italian people use this images.... U can't upload somthing 
>with "PD" or CC-by (for example), on commons if not in all states u can use 
>that materials. Commons, for that reason, had deleted all images that was 
>tagged with "PD-Italy"... than... wich is the difference ?
Commons is a different project, and there is some sense to their 
stricter rules.  Unless I misunderstand something "PD-Italy" means that 
it is in the public domain in Italy.  (Has Italy accepted for copyrights 
to last for life + 70 years, like the rest of the EU, or is it still 
life + 50?)  If it is in the public domain in Italy I don't see why you 
can't just upload it directly to it:wp instead of putting it into 
commons.  If Italian law does not allow you to photograph a painting by 
Botticelli in the museum in Florence this has nothing to do with 
copyright, but is something else.

>For other thing... i qoute Snowdog, if u want a free wikipedia, REALLY 
>free... ok  u have to abandon the fair use, and we will abandon all not free 
I think that many people will not accept that because they see it as 
some kind of blackmail.  What the Italian language project does, and 
what the English project does have nothing to do with each other.  In 
Mexico copyrights last for 100 years after a person's death.  Keeping 
everyone back because one country has such a longer term makes no sense.


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