[Foundation-l] Board meeting in Rotterdam later this week

Gerard Meijssen gerard.meijssen at gmail.com
Sun Jan 14 08:28:31 UTC 2007

rfrangi at libero.it schreef:
> Gerard, I will not only think Internet. I hope others will not think only USA. If the point is "If we use a fair-use image, a commercial organization can at least take whole Wikipedia pages and re-use them." Well, this is not necessarlily true outside the USA. So fair use images should be banned for the same reason that applies to NC's.
> Roberto (Snowdog)
The way I understand the current official position is; NC pictures are 
not allowed. Fair use is only permitted on a language project. The idea 
here is that this allows to have some local law kick in. This is a 
nonsense because people edit on every project from more countries that 
the "local" country. For some of the minority languages, we have a 
situation that often people abroad to the "local" country are more active.

I do agree with you that having "fair use" pictures should be banned as 
well. I also think that we should have a narrow band license where there 
is a specific good reason why you want to use pictures and where it can 
not be allowed to make derivations (for instance logos of organisations).


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