[Foundation-l] [Wikipedia-l] [Wmfcc-l] News flash: WMF is a charity!

David Gerard dgerard at gmail.com
Tue Jan 2 15:24:05 UTC 2007

On 02/01/07, Michael Billington <michael.billington at gmail.com> wrote:

> Slight problem I encountered, adding that HTML/wikimarkup un-modified to the
> [[MediaWiki:Copyright]] message makes a few broken links. (at least it did
> on Wikiversity) To do the same thing on any wiki, you have to swap some of
> the {{loaclurl}}s with http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/, so that the Wikipedia
> articles will still link, rather than pointing to articles on your project
> which don't exist. Cheers -- Michael Billington

Ah yes. Whoops! Please note!

(I must say, changing a message on every single page of the site that
generates over half our hits gave me a certain amount of ...

If your wiki's language isn't English, of course, you probably want
the links to "non-profit" and "charity" to be to those articles in the
wiki's own language.

- d.

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