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Pat Gunn pgunn at dachte.org
Tue Jan 2 05:35:56 UTC 2007

I reply specifically to Brion Vibber's message here:


I find it very unfortunate that Brion characterises
people like me, who have been on the project for many
years, as being uncaring about our values. I care deeply
about the project, and feel that accepting advertising,
whether it be for brand identity or a specific product,
as unacceptable. The Spanish wikipedia and the many users
who have put userboxen against advertisements (as ironic
as that is) on their userpages should've taught Brion
(and others involved) that the values of the community
*do* have a substantial number of people who will never
accept this kind of thing. After reading some of the other
comments on this list and chatting with a few folks, I
understand that my concerns, while considered, will not be
addressed. To me, Wikipedia (and related projects) are and
must be noncommercial if I am to be involved - it is impossible
to honestly educate with one hand while waving a billboard
with the other.

I greatly regret the wrong turn the community
has made here, for it is not something I will live with and
stay. Y'all may want to keep a close eye on the Spanish
Wikipedia. Goodbye, all. You may do what you wish with my
accounts - I have left a note on my LSS project (to summarise
the foundation lists) that a new project head is needed.


If y'all want to see it continue, someone needs to pick up
the ball. Someone should take care of any OTRS replies I get.

It's actually, other than the end, been a pleasure working
with many of you - if any of you want to keep in touch,
I'm just an e-mail or IM away. It reminds me of the last
big social project I was on and how it slowly came to an end
through commercial entanglement after being acquired:



Pat Gunn
mod: csna, bmcm, bmco, cooa, cona, clpd, coom

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