[Foundation-l] Illegal IP blocking on the Dutch wikipedia

Walter van Kalken walter at vankalken.net
Mon Jan 1 22:48:48 UTC 2007

That is because I stay who I am and refuse to become a rose speckled 
glasses person who talks very politically correct. It is the problem of 
other people. Not mine. If people want me to someone I am not they can 
wait untill the sun goes supernova.

My good ideas nor my prolific writing haven't changed. What has changed 
is that I have become even more of a minority then I was. Imho wikimedia 
is drowning in people wo are PC and without experience outside of the 
western world. Which means that either nothing gets done, or decisions 
are made like on en:wikipedia were they discriminate now.


>Hoi Walter,
>For the record I am not on the nl-mods list.
>I do value your contributions. It is sad to me that from a great prolific
>writer with a huge standing, you are now someone who is completely sidelined
>and out of the picture.
>    GerardM
>On 1/1/07, Walter van Kalken <walter at vankalken.net> wrote:
>>It is very nice to see people discussing about a situation which they do
>>not know off because they have never confronted it. This will lead to
>>some rosy coloured decisions based on what is possible in the west. Not
>>on what is possible in the rest of the world. Also Gerard you are not a
>>mod and still on the nl-mods list! Which is a very strange situation.
>>These kind of discussions involve all of the nl. community. Andre Engels
>>who is not on that list is interested in that discussion as well. But he
>>is not able to contribute. Is this the way we go on nl: ? The mods get
>>to decide our future for us?

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