[Foundation-l] RfC: Draft licensing policy resolution

Stephanie Daugherty stephanie at sosdg.org
Tue Feb 27 06:04:04 UTC 2007

teun spaans wrote:
> I like several elements in this approach.
> First, such a "no free image" template is a very clear invitation for people
> to donate one.
> Second, if the board would express a clearer view that fair use is not what
> we aim for, that in itzelf is a clear signal.
> A gradual approach would be more acceptible on the english wiki than an all
> out attack on all fair use images. For example, there could be a move where
> person photos would be allowed first, and dealing with other categories such
> as historical events later.
> i wish you health and happiness,
> teun spaans
As a technical solution, I'd say it would be good to go one step 
further. Watermark nonfree images in such a way that they do not lose 
their illustrative value, are clearly identified as nonfree, and that 
they lose enough of their aesthetic value that there's a strong 
incentive to replace them.


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