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Thanks Lars,
I will try to improve the proposal, addressing your comments.
This proposal is mainly for biologists and Pathologists who struggle with variability, when quantifying biological
shapes, textures, colors and patterns observed in cells and tissues. I have no special interest in any company.
There are some commercial programs from companies who claim they have better algorithms for that. The reality is that all programs fail to accurately perform tissue pattern analysis. This is an unsolved issue. Only a global effort involving expert pathologists (like we are), working toigether with experts in computer vision, may solve these kind of problems. We have ideas but we need to collaborate with software people.
Thanks again,


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Sabo, Edmond wrote:

> The link to my suggested project is:
> http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User_talk:Esabo

I think you can help your chances by describing exactly why this
should be a new project under the Wikimedia Foundation instead of
just another wiki hosted by yourself or a company such as Wikia.
Is there any international/multi-lingual dimension?  Is there any
open content dimension?  How big is it supposed to become?

And why is the Subject of this message "WikiSym 2007"?

I'm not speaking for the foundation.

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