[Foundation-l] RfC: Draft licensing policy resolution

Peter van Londen londenp at gmail.com
Thu Feb 22 13:54:42 UTC 2007

I politely disagree,

This will be the case when you leave too much room for interpretations.
By using an EDP approach, you leave all possibilities open for
non-conforming material to the freedomdefined definition. You might close
the gap of too far off EDP's with a control by anyone, any committee
(although there seems to be a disagreement between Kat and Eric about that),
but allowing images within an EDP conflicting with the freedomdefined
definition, like Fair Use, opens up in principle all possibilities for
communities to do whatever they want, conflicting with the original

I asked you to explain me how you can use fair use images for commercial
exploitation and for derivative works: you could not David. But I am not
opposed to using Fair Use, as long as there are no juristic detrimental
implications for the Wikimedia projects, but then be clear about it. The
draft can be adjusted, so that interpretations can be minimized.

Forget about an EDP: use the freedomdefined definition, with two exceptions:
Fair use images for the EN:WP and another exception for the Polish Wikinews.
Any other exception should have to be approved by the board/GC.

Kind regards, Londenp

2007/2/22, David Gerard <dgerard op gmail.com>:
> On 22/02/07, Kat Walsh <kwalsh op wikimedia.org> wrote:
> > I am afraid of misconceptions and misinterpretations spreading too far
> > about what is to be allowed and what isn't, and I've been hearing
> > misinterpretations both on the too-inclusive and too-exclusive side...
> I fear it's a case where either side will seize on anything that could
> possibly support their obviously correct view rather than the
> obviously misguided opposing view.
> - d.
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