[Foundation-l] Fwd: [Wikipedia-l] One week later and I am still blocked, nobody is doing a fucking thing

Gregory Maxwell gmaxwell at gmail.com
Sun Feb 18 12:59:27 UTC 2007

On 2/18/07, Andre Engels <andreengels at gmail.com> wrote:
> ** Cases like Waerth who are automatically sent through an anonymous proxy
> by their provider

I'll gladly run a closed access proxy for any established wikimedians
whom are interested.

I'll even make it available as a tor hidden service so even I don't
learn your IP. If anyone is interested, just let me know off-list.

> * Large-scale vandalism using many proxies does occur, but is rare enough
> that blocking the proxies when they are being used for vandalism is no big
> issue.

Rare on which wikis?  Without proxy blocking people do real damage
with high speed automated attacks.

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