[Foundation-l] Announcement: Chief Research Coordinator

Erik Moeller erik at wikimedia.org
Sat Feb 17 05:03:45 UTC 2007

This is an official WMF announcement.

The Board of Trustees accepts the resignation of James D. Forrester in
the volunteer role as Chief Research Officer. James has the gratitude
of the Board for volunteering his time and ideas to the projects in
the friendly, creative, skilled and professional manner that we have
come to know and appreciate him for.

The Board of Trustees has decided to rename the role to "Chief
Research Coordinator," and to appoint Gregory Maxwell to the volunteer
position. Gregory has long time experience working with and analyzing
Wikimedia data and interacting with others who do the same, is
familiar with both the internals of the projects and the workings of
the community, and is deeply committed to our values and principles.

A description of the role can be found at:

If you find out of date pages that need to be updated, please be bold and do so.

Erik Möller
Executive Secretary, Wikimedia Foundation

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