[Foundation-l] structure

effe iets anders effeietsanders at gmail.com
Mon Feb 12 23:15:18 UTC 2007

Hello all,

The discussions on this mailing list are very interesting, but over 200
emails about one single subject is a *very very* lot. Lots of people are
fleeing from this list due to the number of emails (not everybody has gmail;
some people still get all email through pop). I would like to suggest two
possible solutions:

1: Leave foundation-l as it is, but start as well a announcements-list for
the foundation, where important announcements (like the hire of new
personnel, a new project etc) can be included, and sent to the foundation-l
automaticly too. It should include automaticly a link to the thread on
foundation-l in the online archives, so people can read the discussion if
they are interested. This announcementslist should be moderated, and only
used for announcements and notices that a discussion will be started on the
foundation-l (the discussionlist). This would make the important stuff
easier to follow. Disadvantage: people have to find the list again all over.

2: move the discussion to foundation-discuss-l where the more broad
discussions can be done, the discussions on foundation-l should be limited
to short notices, sometimes short discussions, directly related, and as soon
as the discussion becomes too extensive, move it to the discussion-list with
again a link to the relevant archives and a note on what the subject will

Another "solution" will be to forget for a part the mailinglistidea and move
the heavy discussions to a forum.

I hope the foundation (comcom? sandy?) will take a look at this problem, and
see what might be the best (or least worse) solution.

Greetings from a overwhelmed mailbox, Lodewijk

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