[Foundation-l] Cherokee Wikipedia Syllabary Maps for Drifted Dialects

Jeff V. Merkey jmerkey at wolfmountaingroup.com
Mon Feb 12 20:57:39 UTC 2007

This information is provided for WikitionaryZ and other Wikimedia 
projects who have requested updated Syllabary Maps of modern Cherokee 
vs. Otali Dialect Cherokee used by Modern Speakers.

Following are Syllabary maps which map drifted Otali Dialect Language 
vowels Characters back into the Sequoyah Syllabary. Drifted Otali words 
which us the following constructs should be mapped to the Sequoyah 
Syllabary characters in this table. Many hours of reviewing Cherokee 
writings from the 1800's til the present were used to construct this 
table, including the writings of Cherokee linguists and language experts 
about the evolution of the Language. This map should handle most of the 
cases. As you can see from the table, there are now a total of 126 
syllables used in modern Cherokee words. This is a significant expansion 
from the language of Sequoyah's day which only supported 85 chracters.

*nah-32:(0) Ꮐ (nah)
*hna-31:(1) Ꮏ (hna)
*qua-38:(2) Ꮖ (qua)
*que-39:(3) Ꮗ (que)
*qui-40:(4) Ꮘ (qui)
*quo-41:(5) Ꮙ (quo)
*quu-42:(6) Ꮚ (quu)
*quv-43:(7) Ꮛ (quv)
*dla-60:(8) Ꮬ (dla)
*tla-61:(9) Ꮭ (tla)
*tle-62:(10) Ꮮ (tle)
*tli-63:(11) Ꮯ (tli)
*tlo-64:(12) Ꮰ (tlo)
*tlu-65:(13) Ꮱ (tlu)
*tlv-66:(14) Ꮲ (tlv)
*tsa-67:(15) Ꮳ (tsa)
*tse-68:(16) Ꮴ (tse)
*tsi-69:(17) Ꮵ (tsi)
*tso-70:(18) Ꮶ (tso)
*tsu-71:(19) Ꮷ (tsu)
*tsv-72:(20) Ꮸ (tsv)
*hah-79:(21) Ꮿ (ya)
*gwu-11:(22) Ꭻ (gu)
*gwi-40:(23) Ꮘ (qui)
*hla-61:(24) Ꮭ (tla)
*hwa-73:(25) Ꮹ (wa)
*gwa-38:(26) Ꮖ (qua)
*hlv-66:(27) Ꮲ (tlv)
*guh-11:(28) Ꭻ (gu)
*gwe-39:(29) Ꮗ (que)
*wah-73:(30) Ꮹ (wa)
*hnv-37:(31) Ꮕ (nv)
*teh-54:(32) Ꮦ (te)
*qwa-6:(33) Ꭶ (ga)
*na-30:(34) Ꮎ (na)
*ne-33:(35) Ꮑ (ne)
*ni-34:(36) Ꮒ (ni)
*no-35:(37) Ꮓ (no)
*nu-36:(38) Ꮔ (nu)
*nv-37:(39) Ꮕ (nv)
*ga-6:(40) Ꭶ (ga)
*ka-7:(41) Ꭷ (ka)
*ge-8:(42) Ꭸ (ge)
*gi-9:(43) Ꭹ (gi)
*go-10:(44) Ꭺ (go)
*gu-11:(45) Ꭻ (gu)
*gv-12:(46) Ꭼ (gv)
*ha-13:(47) Ꭽ (ha)
*he-14:(48) Ꭾ (he)
*hi-15:(49) Ꭿ (hi)
*ho-16:(50) Ꮀ (ho)
*hu-17:(51) Ꮁ (hu)
*hv-18:(52) Ꮂ (hv)
*ma-25:(53) Ꮉ (ma)
*me-26:(54) Ꮊ (me)
*mi-27:(55) Ꮋ (mi)
*mo-28:(56) Ꮌ (mo)
*mu-29:(57) Ꮍ (mu)
*da-51:(58) Ꮣ (da)
*ta-52:(59) Ꮤ (ta)
*de-53:(60) Ꮥ (de)
*te-54:(61) Ꮦ (te)
*di-55:(62) Ꮧ (di)
*ti-56:(63) Ꮨ (ti)
*do-57:(64) Ꮩ (do)
*du-58:(65) Ꮪ (du)
*dv-59:(66) Ꮫ (dv)
*la-19:(67) Ꮃ (la)
*le-20:(68) Ꮄ (le)
*li-21:(69) Ꮅ (li)
*lo-22:(70) Ꮆ (lo)
*lu-23:(71) Ꮇ (lu)
*lv-24:(72) Ꮈ (lv)
*sa-44:(73) Ꮜ (sa)
*se-46:(74) Ꮞ (se)
*si-47:(75) Ꮟ (si)
*so-48:(76) Ꮠ (so)
*su-49:(77) Ꮡ (su)
*sv-50:(78) Ꮢ (sv)
*wa-73:(79) Ꮹ (wa)
*we-74:(80) Ꮺ (we)
*wi-75:(81) Ꮻ (wi)
*wo-76:(82) Ꮼ (wo)
*wu-77:(83) Ꮽ (wu)
*wv-78:(84) Ꮾ (wv)
*ya-79:(85) Ꮿ (ya)
*ye-80:(86) Ᏸ (ye)
*yi-81:(87) Ᏹ (yi)
*yo-82:(88) Ᏺ (yo)
*yu-83:(89) Ᏻ (yu)
*yv-84:(90) Ᏼ (yv)
*to-57:(91) Ꮩ (do)
*tu-58:(92) Ꮪ (du)
*ko-10:(93) Ꭺ (go)
*tv-59:(94) Ꮫ (dv)
*qa-73:(95) Ꮹ (wa)
*ke-7:(96) Ꭷ (ka)
*kv-12:(97) Ꭼ (gv)
*ah-0:(98) Ꭰ (a)
*qo-10:(99) Ꭺ (go)
*oh-3:(100) Ꭳ (o)
*ju-71:(101) Ꮷ (tsu)
*ji-69:(102) Ꮵ (tsi)
*ja-67:(103) Ꮳ (tsa)
*je-68:(104) Ꮴ (tse)
*jo-70:(105) Ꮶ (tso)
*jv-72:(106) Ꮸ (tsv)
*a-0:(107) Ꭰ (a)
*e-1:(108) Ꭱ (e)
*i-2:(109) Ꭲ (i)
*o-3:(110) Ꭳ (o)
*u-4:(111) Ꭴ (u)
*v-5:(112) Ꭵ (v)
*s-45:(113) Ꮝ (s)
*n-30:(114) Ꮎ (na)
*l-2:(115) Ꭲ (i)
*t-52:(116) Ꮤ (ta)
*d-55:(117) Ꮧ (di)
*y-80:(118) Ᏸ (ye)
*k-6:(119) Ꭶ (ga)

This information is also located at the Cherokee Wikipedia.



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