[Foundation-l] Enterprise article problems page

David Gerard dgerard at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 20:22:24 UTC 2007

(on en:wp, but cc'ing foundation-l because en:wp is a major source of
such headaches)


Basically, it says "go to help desk, and maybe send us an email."

Note the careful wording of the line about legal problems. I'm trying
to tread a fine line here between encouraging people to contact us the
right way about real problems, and not encouraging cranks and

OTRS volunteers: is that the right address and subject line in case of
a substantial legal concern? Please edit as appropriate!

If this looks workable to people, we'd like to publicise this
(slightly) as a place to get concerns dealt with, so companies feel
they have somewhere to approach that won't get them bad press in 100
newspapers around the world (as happened to Microsoft). Per Geni's
excellent suggestion, we can recruit new en:wp admins to help with the
queue :-)

- d.

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