[Foundation-l] [Announcement] Welcome to the advisory group

Alphax (Wikipedia email) alphasigmax at gmail.com
Mon Feb 5 05:59:28 UTC 2007

The Cunctator wrote:
> The short answer is that he is one of the best people at analyzing and
> understanding how to construct and manage online communities, particularly
> wiki projects. IMHO. (But if my claim is true I hope you can see how he
> would be a very good person to have on the Wikimedia Advisory Board.)

Personally, I'm starting to get rather tired of all this "Oh well
so-and-so should be on the advisory board", so I will ask plain and
simple: Did anyone reply to Anthere's email of November 7th 2006, with
subject "[Foundation-l] [Advisory board]: appeal for members
suggestion", and *formally* suggest them?

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