[Foundation-l] Comparison of new user welcome efforts across projects

Bence Damokos bdamokos at gmail.com
Sun Feb 4 15:20:57 UTC 2007

We should also look at how anonymous editors are greeted, and the conversion
rate of IPs into Users of such greetings.


On 2/4/07, Robert Scott Horning <robert_horning at netzero.net> wrote:
> Brianna Laugher wrote:
> >Hello,
> >
> >Welcoming new users is a common community activity across many
> >Wikimedia wikis. The idea is usually to do at least some of the
> >following: give the user key links to core policies, an explanation of
> >syntax/technical help, make them feel part of the community, and give
> >them links to places to ask further questions.
> >
> >Different projects can have different needs. For example, some
> >non-English projects give links (in English) to Embassy or Babel
> >pages, where they can ask questions in English rather than the
> >language of the project. Also, non-Wikipedia projects can perhaps
> >expect that most of their new users will be familiar with Wikipedia
> >first, and therefore tailor their welcome messages with the
> >expectation that the user already is familiar with the technical
> >aspects, and emphasise the difference in policies between their
> >project and Wikipedia.
> >
> >
> >
> >cheers,
> >Brianna
> >user:pfctdayelise
> >
> There may have been a time when this was true for Wikibooks, but
> increasingly I am finding individuals (at least on en.wikibooks) who are
> coming into content development on Wikibooks first that have never been
> involved with Wikipedia at all on any level.  One of the huge reasons
> for this is some minor publicity that is happening in regards to
> Wikibooks among educators and the broader educational community, and
> because it is growing to become a substantial project in its own right.
> There have been recently several articles in magazines written for
> educators who mention Wikibooks as an educational resource, and
> Wikipedia is mentioned only as a footnote.
> The user community on Wikibooks is growing in ways that even surprise
> and astonish me from time to time.
> BTW, just to plug something from Wikibooks, there is a Wikibook that you
> might want to get involved with that has been addressing some of these
> issues of project management from the viewpoint of a "sysop" on
> Wikimedia projects:
> http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/A_Wikimedia_Administrator%27s_Handbook
> This is essentially a new administrator's guide that we (the other
> Wikibooks admins and I) have put together primarily for our own internal
> training of new administrators, but we have written it with the
> intention that it would be generally of use for other Wikimedia projects
> and for other users of the MediaWiki software.  Some of your suggestions
> that you have made here in this e-mail post I would like, with your
> permission, to add to this handbook.
> --
> Robert Scott Horning
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