[Foundation-l] wikicouncil

hillgentleman hillgentleman.wikiversity at gmail.com
Sun Dec 30 23:05:36 UTC 2007


 I am still puzzled.  In your model below,  I can only see the cycle

trustees+ ed(+external experts) ->nominating committee -> trustees

Where is the community input?


> * One possible model: a set of criteria for Board members, with an
> expert Nominating Committee member charged with responsibility for
> evaluating candidates based on any one criterion. Criteria might
> include community values, wiki experience, managerial experience,
> financial skills, understanding of our legal context, collaborative
> nature, etc.
> * The NC should recommend a completely new interim Board ASAP (it
> could and probably should include existing Board members - but this
> would be up to the NC to decide, based on a serious skills
> evaluation).
> * The interim Board would serve for a period of a year; at the end of
> that period, the NC would recommend to renew terms or replace Board
> members. New Board members would have to come from the Advisory Board
> or the Community Council.

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