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How  would Board members then be chosen? I believe that the answer is  a
mechanism many non-profits use: a Nominating Committee. This  committee
should be made up of people who are neither Board nor Staff  members,
who represent both managerial competence and community values.  

While there is much to say about your entire post, since it is rather long,  
I will focus on this point. Previously, you hinted at a rejection the idea of  
community elections, i.e., the community does not choose. Now you are adding 
to  this that neither Board nor Staff choose. 
Who is left? Outsiders? Large donors? Wikilovers? My Aunt Gertrude? As for  
the ED participating in the selection process, the ED answers to the Board and  
serves at the Board's pleasure. It would seem inappropriate to have  said ED 
then determine whom to pleasure. 
Peace, love, and purview,

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