[Foundation-l] foundation-l Digest, Vol 45, Issue 144

Fruggo fruggo at gmail.com
Sat Dec 29 20:06:08 UTC 2007

"the answer could [...] be" is not "the answer is"...

I believe that the question Erik raises is a very important one, especially
in view of the recent questions that have been raised about the role of the
board, and about the role of a wikicouncil that is or is not to be founded.
It might be that the communities answer to Eriks question would lead to a
change in the bylaws, so it seems to me that it is not very relevant what
the current situation is.

Personally, I like the idea of the board making a proposal about the
licensing reform, and the community accepting or rejecting it.


Erik Moeller wrote:

> -knip-
> > Should a decision like the licensing reform have been made by
> > - the Board
> > - the Executive Director in consultation with her staff
> > - a Wikicouncil
> > - the entire community?
> >
> > I think that question should be open to debate -- and to me the answer
> > could very well be, in future: "The ED in consultation with staff,
> > experts, and Wikicouncil members" or "The community through a
> > project-wide vote".

Anthere answers:

> According the bylaws, the board is in charge of strategic decisions, and
> the staff is here to implement.
> So, the answer is "the board in consultation with wikicouncil members"
> or "the board through a project-wide vote".
> Examples of decisions I see as strategic
> * changing the license of any of our projects
> * opening new projects
> * closing projects
> * changing names of projects
> * giving exclusive rights on our trademarks to anyone
> * putting advertisement on our projects
> * make access to our content not free of charge
> * stop providing dumps of our content
> And a few others
> Ant

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