[Foundation-l] A dangerous precedent

Liesel koehler-liesel73 at gmx.de
Thu Dec 27 14:47:30 UTC 2007

Birgitte SB schrieb:
> The protest here is that you should have no say in the
> way chosen to create the Volapük Wikipedia.  If
> Volapük Wikipedia is valid community, then they are
> free to create their project by any method that works
> for them.  If it is not a valid community, then the
> WMF should close the project.  This is a bright line.
> There is no basis for outsiders to dictate how a local
> community goes about it's work excepting for
> violations of the foundation principles ("free as in
> freedom", Neutral Point of View, "anyone can edit"). 
> This new kind of micromanagment you have proposed has
> nothing to do with a foundation principle as far as I
> can tell. I personally find your proposal out of line
> and if it succeeds, I agree that it will be "A
> dangerous precedent".  
> Birgitte SB

Ok, then must have every project the right to ban interwiki-links to
volapük wikipedia, to prevent the spam with this links to sites without
further informations.


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