[Foundation-l] Moderation and this list

Delirium delirium at hackish.org
Mon Dec 24 03:10:40 UTC 2007

Lars Aronsson wrote:
> Or we could introduce a limit of 20 messages per person and month. 
> That would force everyone to pick their fights (which is always a 
> good advice, but rarely enforced), instead of allowing the list to 
> degrade into a chat forum.  Being able to post 20 messages a month 
> is not censorship.

Although it's not enforceable as an official limit, I tend to think it's 
a good idea to limit one's mailing list postings to no more than the 
number of significant contributions to a Wikimedia project, where a 
"contribution" is something like writing one good paragraph of a 
Wikipedia article, uploading an image to Commons, etc. Just posted five 
messages to foundation-l? Time to find five useful non-meta things to do 
to make up for it!


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