[Foundation-l] Moderation and this list

Jussi-Ville Heiskanen cimonavaro at gmail.com
Fri Dec 21 20:46:40 UTC 2007

On 12/21/07, Jimmy Wales <jwales at wikia.com> wrote:
> Lars Aronsson wrote:
> > Or we could introduce a limit of 20 messages per person and month.
> It might be better to have the limit be on a per-day basis?
> >      97 From: "Thomas Dalton"      -- 3 posts per day
> My guess is that Thomas's contributions were not 3 per day evenly
> spaced, but zero for a significant part of the time and then massive
> participation in one or two threads that got overwhelming.
> (I am not picking on Thomas here, other than that he was at the top of
> the list, volume-wise.)
> A limit of 3 posts per day would not limit even his total output (by
> much), but would perhaps keep exciting threads from exploding to the
> point of being unreadable.
> --Jimbo

Hmm. Three posts per day, by which timezone? UTC?

Jussi-Ville Heiskanen, ~ [[User:Cimon Avaro]]

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