[Foundation-l] Erik's New Job

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Fri Dec 21 20:32:46 UTC 2007

Thomas Dalton wrote:
>> Well, there's a loaded question if I ever saw one. The answer is clearly
>> "no," but it's an incorrect assumption that "not sitting back" is the
>> same as "being rude in response." Again, the idea that it is acceptable
>> to respond to "false accusations" with snide comments is exactly what we
>> need to put an end to. If someone says something you disagree with,
>> assume good faith and talk it out calmly and patiently. This is basic
>> stuff that we shouldn't have to debate.
> When someone complains about me not reading properly and it's all down
> to them not reading what I've said properly, it would be foolish to
> assume good faith. Clearly they were more interested in making a
> complaint than actually improving anything.
It's never foolish to assume good faith.


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