[Foundation-l] fundraiser update

Florence Devouard anthere at anthere.org
Fri Dec 21 18:21:09 UTC 2007

Thomas Dalton wrote:
 >> Also, I'd bet good money that the "Thanksgiving bump" came primarily 
 >> launching the Fundraising blog on the 23rd and not from that holiday.
 > Easy way to check that - if the extra money was mainly in USD (does
 > anywhere else celebrate Thanksgiving? if so, add their currencies to
 > the list), it was likely from Thanksgiving, if it was spread evenly
 > among the currencies, it was probably the blog.

You may have missed two important factors in the analysis
1) the blog was exclusively in english, which means a rather significant 
part of our readership was not able to read its content
2) the blog is only advertized at the top of all english-speaking projects.

So, if the money was mostly in US dollars, it may have been 
thanksgiving, or the blog.


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