[Foundation-l] (Japanese) Wikipedia won "Web of the year" in Japan

Birgitte SB birgitte_sb at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 21 14:46:29 UTC 2007

--- Dmcdevit <dmcdevit at cox.net> wrote:

> Brian McNeil wrote:
> > I have forwarded this message onto Wikinews-l. If
> you have any Japanese
> > contributors that want to work on doing an article
> for en.wikinews I'd be
> > delighted to help out, polish English, and put
> them on the right track.
> >   
> I would *much* prefer a press release or similar
> action by the WMF than 
> a Wikinews article. I am always uneasy by Wikinews'
> frequent articles 
> about Wikimedia, which doesn't square with the NPOV,
> and it doesn't seem 
> to be getting better.
> Dominic

Wikinews is a wiki.  Volunteers are going to write
about what interests them.  I hope the article itself
is written in an un-biased way, but you are really
strecthing NPOV beyond credibility to say dictates
whether an article can *exist* or not.  By your
measure en.WP violates NPOV because it covers a
greater precentage of American towns than Japanese

Birgitte SB

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