[Foundation-l] Wikipedia colored according to trust

Luca de Alfaro luca at dealfaro.org
Wed Dec 19 22:03:25 UTC 2007

Dear All,

we have a demo at http://wiki-trust.cse.ucsc.edu/ that features the whole
English Wikipedia, as of its February 6, 2007 snapshot, colored according to
text trust.
This is the first time that even we can look at how the "trust coloring"
looks on the whole of the Wikipedia!
We would be very interested in feedback (the
wikiquality-l at lists.wikimedia.org mailing list is the best place).

If you find bugs, you can email us at

Happy Holidays!


PS: yes, we know, some images look off.  It is currently fairly difficult
for a site outside of the Wikipedia to fetch Wikipedia images correctly.

PPS: there are going to be a few planned power outages on our campus in the
next days, so if the demo is off, try again later.

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