[Foundation-l] Welcome Sue !

Jimmy Wales jwales at wikia.com
Wed Dec 19 20:58:31 UTC 2007

Matthew Britton wrote:
> (1) Does Jimbo *really* have a "trustworthy" list?
> (2) Am I on it?
> (3) Where do I apply to get on this super-sekrit "really trustworthy" 
> list? It sounds fun. Will there be tea and biscuits?

Traditionally, we eat Stroopwafels from the Netherlands. :-)

Basically, I think we have here the clearest evidence that Kelly has 
crossed the line from respectable critic into complete troll.  It does 
not matter what I do or say, she interprets it according to her own history.

She draws comparisons to Scientology and tells such obvious lies as 
"...Jimbo has declared me a "suppressive person" and is expecting others 
to act accordingly."  And she is shocked when people question her honesty.

I have done no such thing, nor have I done many other things she accuses 
me of.

She seems perplexed by my request that anyone who thinks it is a good 
idea to send posts to her please contact me to explain it.  For her, 
even this simple request is evidence of cultishness.

Wikimedia runs on a culture of trust, trust that we all have worked very 
hard to earn with each other.  That trust is violated when people who 
are on an internal mailing list start sending posts, not just to a few 
friends, not just a little bit of loose lips... that's not a problem. 
But sending to someone who makes incredibly vicious personal attacks as 
a matter of routine on her blog.

To me, that's pretty remarkable.  And someone must have a pretty 
remarkable reason for doing it.

They can assume that I don't care, contrary to many years of long 
evidence, or they can assume that, gee, if you think things are that 
bad, you should just come to me and talk about it.


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