[Foundation-l] Is popularity a good thing for us?

David Gerard dgerard at gmail.com
Sun Dec 16 20:18:02 UTC 2007

On 16/12/2007, Delirium <delirium at hackish.org> wrote:

> But so far that seems to be getting started fairly slowly, especially as
> regards other nonprofit organizations doing something interesting with
> our content. Why this is I'm not entirely sure. Is it that nobody has
> good ideas? Or they find the format we provide our dumps in too
> intimidating? Or they want more filtered/stable content? Or they lack
> money? Etc.

That we haven't had a good full-history dump of en:wp in a year has
hampered interesting reuses of its content. (The dumps issue is being
addressed - see Brion's blog at http://leuksman.com/blog - I'm
mentioning it in terms of the consequences of this.)

That forking from us is harder than it should be is a problem.
Citizendium tried starting as a full-content fork and then realised
(a) it wasn't viable with the numbers of people interested in a tiny
project just starting out (b) it hampered them getting on with writing
stuff themselves. ([[:en:Fork (software development)]] discusses the

- d.

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