[Foundation-l] Passed resolution (super short update)

John at Darkstar vacuum at jeb.no
Thu Dec 13 23:46:01 UTC 2007

Can you please explain what you try to say with "I would like to know
why you are being so persistent"? Am I not allowed to make my own
opinion? I think I have a reputation to say whatever I think is right
without abiding to what you or anyone else think is right.

I believe this license change is wrong, because it will break the
contract with the contributors.

John E Blad

Andrew Whitworth skrev:
> On Dec 13, 2007 4:24 PM, John at Darkstar <vacuum at jeb.no> wrote:
>> I think everyone knows that they can. The question is wetter Wikimedia
>> should "request" a change tailored to break a contract with the
>> contributors.
> Your insistence in stating that our request is anything negative, or
> that somehow it's going to create a break in the contract, or will
> result in some sort of "nightmare" situation is completely unfounded.
> I would like to know why you are being so persistent in asserting that
> the WMF or the FSF is doing something wrong, or illegal, or immoral,
> or whatever. It simply isn't "bad" in the way you seem to think it is.
>> I for one find this extremely disturbing, and then going from a less
>> than optimum license to one even worse? And it ain't even april yet?
> Why do you find it so disturbing? I'm thinking that perhaps you must
> be a little misinformed.
> --Andrew Whitworth
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