[Foundation-l] A day to celebrate, Wikipedia on the cover of the Stern magazine, in a comparison with Brockhaus (and guess who "won"...)

Andrew Whitworth wknight8111 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 6 14:25:14 UTC 2007

> Erik states that the report especially highlights the
> project's coverage of current events. I still fear that
> once the stable versions feature is introduced and has been
> in use for a year or two there will be many pages with
> changes submitted months previously that are still not
> visible to readers. That may well adversely affect the
> outcome of any attempt to measure a project's coverage of
> current events.

Maybe there's a need for a new special page to list edits that are
awaiting approval, or update an old special page to highlight (a la
Special:Newpages) edits which have not been approved. As I understand
it, once a Wikinews article is written and checked, it is protected
from editing anyway, so there wont be a lot of changes to old articles
that have simply never been checked.

--Andrew Whitworth

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