[Foundation-l] Racism in Commons

Bryan Tong Minh bryan.tongminh at gmail.com
Wed Dec 5 20:12:37 UTC 2007

On Dec 5, 2007 9:03 PM, George Herbert <george.herbert at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Dec 5, 2007 11:56 AM, Oldak Quill <oldakquill at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Exemplar images of anything is educational: the many aspects of sex,
> > violence, racism, propaganda, racism, hate, &c.
> >
> ...and we host exemplars of everything (short of child porn, I hope).
> That we properly host exemplars in a category does not mean that we should
> host further examples which are not being used in educational articles on
> any of the projects.
This implies that the Commons community prescribes what images other
projects should use. I think this is wrong: we should give projects
themselves the opportunity to choose whatever image they prefer.



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