[Foundation-l] Racism in Commons

Waerth waerth at asianet.co.th
Wed Dec 5 19:49:31 UTC 2007

Oh boy, this pisses me off.

Cartoons insulting Sharon must be removed and we are rolling over 
ourselves to get them away.

But the Cartoons insulting the prophet Mohammed are allowed on our 

Somehow I smell a christian-judeo double-standard/bias here

> Andrew Whitworth wrote:
>>> The key section should be "Wikimedia Commons is a common central media
>>> repository of all Wikimedia projects":
>>> "[...] files uploaded to the Commons have to be useful for some
>>> Wikimedia project. Media files that are not useful for any Wikimedia
>>> project are beyond the scope of Wikimedia Commons."
>>> How could Commons be any more specific than that and still fill its
>>> "service" role?
>> That kind of statement causes Commons to inherent the combined
>> acceptability guidelines of the other projects. I can't think of any
>> project that would allow such images as these, not even as acceptable
>> demonstrations of how other cartoons could be developed.
>> Commons has an implicit NPOV policy because all other projects have
>> NPOV policies. That might be something worth putting into writing.
> While I agree with the removal of the images from the Sharon page, as 
> they generally lead undue weight to the gallery, I'm not sure that 
> adopting a specific NPOV policy on Commons would be a very good idea.  
> As Brianna pointed out, the question of scope pretty much usurps any 
> other policy.
> Also, the discussion on the talk page at 
> <http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Talk:Ariel_Sharon> could certainly 
> use someone with more eloquence explain the situation better.  I'm 
> afraid that comments like "These cartoons /are/ racist because they are 
> pointed at a representetive of the jewish people, Ariel Sharon. You can 
> call these picture many things, but they are infact - also - racist." 
> will always be met with resistance, and does not speak to the rather 
> extreme nature of the cartoons.. 
> That comment speaks to Sharon himself and not the horrible nature of the 
> images.  Basically, you're a saying that Sharon is immune from any 
> cartoon, because portraying him with any degree of criticism would be 
> considered racism by you--and I must whole-heartedly disagree with this 
> assessment.

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