[Foundation-l] Five main authors myth

Thomas Dalton thomas.dalton at gmail.com
Wed Dec 5 00:53:55 UTC 2007

> What premise is false?  The WMF does provide database dumps that don't
> contain the relevant author information.  They also provide database
> dumps that do contain the relevant information, but they call the
> dumps without the information "the archive most mirror sites will
> probably want".  Thus they should (ethically, at least) make it
> clearer to reusers that more information is required if they believe
> this to be the case.

I stand corrected. Having now actually downloaded one of the dumps, I
see it only contains the username of the most recent contributor to an
article, not previous contributors. That's not good... shouldn't be
too hard to fix, though - I'll take a look at the relevant code.

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