[Foundation-l] [Commons-l] [cc-licenses] Requirements for a strong copyleft license

Kat Walsh kat at wikimedia.org
Tue Dec 4 05:32:08 UTC 2007

On Dec 1, 2007 9:41 PM, Mike Linksvayer <ml at creativecommons.org> wrote:

> > * IMPORTANT - I believe it should allow mixing of similar licenses,
> > e.g. CC-BY-SA into BSD -- the Definition of Free Cultural Works
> > endorsed by Wikimedia could be a guideline as to which licenses can be
> > mixed: http://freedomdefined.org/Definition
> I like all of your points, including the last one, but it is a little
> unclear.  I think what you mean is that for "embedded" uses, the
> containing document should have to be under a free license, not
> necessarily a compatible copyleft license.  This would address use of
> copyleft images on Wikinews (CC BY), for example.

I agree entirely with this point. (For example, no one objects when
CC-BY-SA and GFDL photos and text are intermixed -- the right spirit
is there even where the technicalities may not line up -- but people
do object when they see ostensibly copyleft material being used in a
more restrictive work.)

CC-BY-SA allowing embedded use in any work licensed under a license
meeting the free content definition provided that the original
requirements are kept on the copylefted work would be a good way to do
it. (For example, using CC-BY-SA media within a CC-BY article -- fine,
but any derivative of the article containing the embedded media also
must remain under a free content license.)


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