[Foundation-l] What's our dream license?

Andrew Whitworth wknight8111 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 2 01:19:51 UTC 2007

> We can't draft our own without starting from scratch. We can only use
> current and later versions of GFDL. This new announcement is to do
> with the FSF making a new version of the GFDL which would be
> compatible (whatever that means in this context) with CC-BY-SA. Sure,
> the FSF could make a new version based on what would be ideal for us,
> but they probably wouldn't since it would effect more than just us.

What would be the issues involved in "forking" the GFDL? that is,
could there be two distinct future licenses that would satisfy the "or
any later version" clause?

Either way, this is just a hypothetical exercise. If we know exactly
what we want if we could have anything, it would make it easier for us
to make changes to the GFDL. It's always easier to do anything if you
have a goal in mind.

--Andrew Whitworth

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